Bathroom installation

The bathroom setup and installation. Bath and shower setup, heating, plumbing, tiling, glass and furniture installs, painting, decoration and finish.

Bathroom setup services from an idea and building to complete decoration and finish.

London Property Masters performs high quality property design, construction, renovation works. We are able to perform partial and complete bathroom installations. Focusing on quality we create comfortable and durable environment.

We had a lots of projects and noticed that all of our clients take bathroom as one of the most important part of their home. We are able to suggest individual solution for any client needs. That might be a custom design, bathroom interior decoration, individually fitted furniture.

London Property Masters knows how to make out the most of your bathroom space no matter how big it is designed to be. We may do a completely new bathroom construction works or perform reconstruction works for your current one.

The construction and decoration works for the bathroom:

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Individual bathroom design and furniture