House extensions

House extension and construction works in London

Building the house extension

London Property Masters performs complete house extension projects. We take all the works from project designing and developing the schemes to complete project implementation and interior finish. Processing all possible client’s wishes and turning your ideas into the reality. We have human resources from designers and architects to professional builders and capability to make it a ready for living place. Performing from A to Z including final works and interior furniture design, manufacture, installation.

Our golden rule is to seek for the highest quality in everything we do. Having the professional team and partner specialists helps us and our clients not only to save money but always be sure about project safety, effective time management and complete satisfaction. This is how we get recommended for our new clients – by being honest and always seeking for the best results.

London Property Masters can advice you on all the steps of house extension and help you to make the most of the possibility to live in a bigger property. Even if you are not preparing to live in that property which you are willing to extend it is always a good long term investment and advantage to have a bigger comparing to other properties in the area, newly refurbished property which will be very competitive in the market.

We are also able to supply you all the materials required (or partial) for the project as well as help you to estimate the expenses.

Property extensions and construction works in London

Newly built property extension

London Property Masters performs all house extension related works:

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